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Jul 27, 2018

Professional Tips For Rational [gambling] Secrets

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Living in the red zone is like playing Russian roulette with lives | Newcastle Herald

Cabbage Tree Road resident Jenny Robinson told the inquiry her family’s “whole world had been turned upside down” after they learnt of the PFAS contamination via the media in September 2015. “All we’ve been given is restrictions on how we should live,” Mrs Robinson said. ‘We can’t remove a barrow of soil… but the expansion of the RAAF base goes on like nothing has happened.” The Cabbage Tree Road resident said she’d suffered breast cancer and questioned the link to the toxic fire-fighting chemicals leaching from Williamtown RAAF Base. ANGRY: Williamtown residents Jenny and Terry Robison addressing the federal government inquiry into PFAS contamination in Williamtown on Tuesday. An emotional Mrs Robinson, supported by her husband Terry, said it had been left for the community to look after itself and resident stress levels were overwhelming.  “Our faith in the right thing would be done has taken a huge beating,” she said. “We live this hell every day.” Fullerton Cove resident Sue Walker told the inquiry the federal government had a “moral obligation” to put residents’ “safety first”. She said the situation residents had found themselves in, through no fault of their own, was “immoral” and “inhumane”. “It’s now like a game of Russian roulette for us,” she said. “It’s disgusting.” MORE:  Chair ‘dragged’ into PFAS panel role: Williamtown public hearing Mrs Walker told how she found it unbelievable that the Turnbull government was ignoring the US EPA’s conclusion “the weight of evidence” supports the conclusion that the chemicals are a human health hazard. “We exist in a catatonic state - in limbo - we just want a normal life,” she said.

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